Electricity for your business is just as important as for your home. With the deregulation of energy and gas prices, the energy savings have opened up for commercial and industrial use as well. Commercial and industrial businesses can now negotiate competitive pricing and find business plans that suit their company’s utility budget. Though a business could negotiate their own business plan or rate by themselves, it is typically recommended that company representatives go through an independent energy broker who is familiar with the industrial and commercial energy market.

Due to the fact that there are frequent fluctuations in the energy market, it is best to use a trained professional who can negotiate the lowest terms and costs for utilities as well as having an understanding of at which point in the market suppliers are more willing to negotiate lower rates. Businesses can benefit from commercial electricity accounts set up through a firm who specializes in corporate, industrial and business-related utility contracts.

Commercial and Industrial Electricity Accounts through Commercial Energy Brokers

A Commercial Energy Broker give utility brokers the ability to form an alliance, which will give more competitive energy prices than just working independently. With commercial and industrial accounts using an commercial energy broker, customers will enjoy increased buying power and an improved load as well as lower transaction costs.

Can My Business Get a Commercial Electricity Account?

Commercial and industrial electricity accounts are available for any business that needs to operate including:

  • Industrial properties such as manufacturing
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Commercial offices
  • Medical practices
  • Law offices
  • Financial institutions
  • And More…

Plan Options

No two businesses are created the same; therefore commercial electricity accounts offer more flexibility for small and large business owners to get the most affordable rates for their energy needs. A commercial or industrial business can get business plans and rates including:

  • Fixed 12-month rate
  • 24-month plan
  • 36-month plan
  • 48-month plan
  • 60-month plan
  • Index Rates (a variable rate that links to Natural Gas to meet MCPE prices and standards)

Industrial businesses and large-scale commercial businesses have heavier load requirements than those of smaller businesses. Therefore, to accommodate businesses of all size, load plans will include options for low, medium and high loads all completed through a commercial energy broker.

Due to the fact that energy prices and the overall energy market are ever-changing, waiting until a current business or commercial contract is up is not always the best economical decision. This is especially true if prices are higher at the time a commercial contract ends. Since businesses and brokers cannot predict when the market will be high or when it will be exponentially low, taking advantage of a time when the market appears to be at its lowest is the most feasible option for business owners. Business owners in commercial and industrial buildings can take advantage of negotiations through their brokers in a lower market than a higher one, even if that means negotiating prior to a previous contract ending. For business owners trying to stay above rising energy costs, the time to act on energy negotiations is now in order to take advantage of the changing supply versus demand in today’s utility marketplace.