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    Please accept this letter as a formal request and authorization for the above referenced TDSP to release energy usage data, including kWh, kVA or kW, and interval data (if applicable) at the following location(s) to National Utility. This information request shall be limited to no more than the most recent 12-month period of service. If the Electric Service Identifiers (ESI ID(s)) are metered using an Interval Data Recorder (IDR), please indicate whether summary level and/or interval data is required.

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    Please forward usage and Load information in electronic format using Retail Market Guide Section 9, Appendices, Appendix B4, Transmission and/or Distribution Service Provider Response to Request for Historical Usage. If an attachment is used, please use a separate attachment per TDSP with the ESI IDs that are specific to a TDSP.  The TDSP will reject submitted ESI IDs that are not located within the TDSP’s territory. Questions? Contact us at info@nationalutilisource.com

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    By submitting this online form, I affirm that I have the authority to make and sign this request on behalf of my company for all ESI IDs that are associated with this request. Also, the requesting party affirms that they have authorization from the Customer identified below to obtain Customer’s historical usage information and holds the TDSP harmless for providing the historical data to requested party as identified on this form.