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Tired of paying more than you should on your electricity bills? Looking for a business that provides cheap electricity? Well, look no further! Find Cost Effective Solutions for Commercial and Residential Electric Rates. Shop with National Utilisource Consulting for electricity rates and choose from several electricity providers near your area. National Utilisource Consulting was formed to take the confusion and time out of deregulated electricity supply decisions for business power customers. So what exactly is electricity deregulation? Until a few years ago, the electricity market was a monopoly and electric consumers did not have a choice with regard to choosing their energy providers. After energy deregulation, electric consumers are now able to choose their Retail Electricity Provider. Saving money on energy costs has become more important than ever. Today’s businesses are looking to reduce costs in every possible area – especially billing from their electricity providers. This is an area where you can save money without altering the operations of your business or affecting the services offered to your customers.