National Utilisource is one of the leading North American providers of top-rated energy supply to customers looking for large-scale energy consumption.

Over the past few years, National Utilisource has helped hundreds of the largest electricity consumers in the nation manage their utility consumption and expenses. While costs of operating a business continue to rise, National Utilisource provides active management to ensure that our customers pay competitive bulk rates for their energy consumption.

The power and resources industry is growing in complexity with each year. Just a decade ago, business consumers couldn’t pick and choose where they purchased their power. Instead, they were serviced by the local utility company and given the price that the company deemed fit. Today, the tables have turned and National Utilisource is part of the new age.

As a broker for power resources, National Utilisource works as an intermediary between the power generators and the consumers. When customers use our service, we can provide them with the best bulk rate pricing at per kilowatt rates—and for today’s business, that is extremely important.

Our Role as Your Broker

National Utilisource has one goal as your broker: savings. We have partnered with some of the leading electricity providers in Texas to ensure that our customers receive the best rates possible based on their monthly and annual consumption rates.

As a consumer, you need someone on your side who has the inside knowledge of what electricity producers use to determine accurate consumption rates. As your broker, we represent you and your company in all negotiations with our providers. You won’t have to worry about haggling or negotiating a better rate—leave that to our skilled experts.