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By February 25, 2021energy blog

POLR(Provider of Last Resort) and What That Means to You

The week of February 15th 2021 will be remembered as one of the more challenging for electricity clients in Texas. We are being proactive as we were made aware that many ERCOT customers may soon be faced with a transition to their Provider of Last Resort (POLR) as a result of this week’s unprecedented winter weather in Texas.

What does Provider of Last Resort(POLR) mean?

Being transitioned to your Provider of Last Resort(POLR) means that your electricity provider has changed because your current electricity provider has exited the market for any reason. This has been going on for many Texans since the electrical problems began because their energy provider’s systems buckled under the extreme cold.

Why should I care about the Provider of Last Resort(POLR) if my electricity never went out?

Due to the nature of the recent storms, residential and commercial energy users of Texas have learned a harsh lesson if their energy provider was not up to the task. Even if this did not affect you directly, there might be pricing charges to your bill because of great strain on the network.

The biggest problem about being dropped from your preferred energy provider is the high level of uncertainty. The Public Utility Commission of Texas on their website says ‘POLR service is relatively high-priced, due to the costs associated with planning and the risk of serving an uncertain number of customers with uncertain electricity loads.’-Public Utility Commission of Texas. The news is already reporting on astronomically high electrical bills because people were transitioned to their POLR and had not anticipated such high prices. 

If you are worried about your retail electric provider or possibly getting dropped by your provider, please feel free to contact us directly so that we can help you find the best product for each customer’s long-term needs.

Your best bet to figuring out your energy situation is to consult with energy professionals right now. Putting off the conversation will only cost you money in the long run because right now is the best time to negotiate a better energy contract with energy providers in Texas. The emergency use of POLRs has opened the eyes of Texans across the state to the fact that they need to be aware of their energy providers’ resiliency during a storm.

Do I have options during this energy crisis?

Yes! Even after a disaster like this, contacting the professionals at National Utilisource is in your best interest because there are always options for moving forward. Being transitioned to your POLR does not mean the end of cheap electricity. Adjusting accordingly until you are ready to make a decision on your energy provider is the best way to find the best provider for your needs.

There are timelines and deadlines involved when you are transitioned to your POLR. You will have to be aware of when and what you have to do in order to avoid problems with your energy situation.  

National UtiliSource is here to ensure that you receive best-in-class customer service during this challenging time. Please stay safe, warm and we look forward to helping you soon!

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